9 Things every student should know about essay writing

As a student you will be asked to write numerous essays in high school, and even more if you decide you want to go to college. Whilst some of you will love them, many of you will be filled with a sense of dread at the mere mention of the word.

To give you some invaluable professional guidance, we’ve put together a list of the 9 things that you really need to know about essay writing. Take heed of each of them, learn from your mistakes, and then enjoy the results of your hard work.

Word counts should always be in the back of your mind

Word counts can all too often become an afterthought in your rush to get something down on paper, but you’re just causing problems down the road. You’ve been asked to outline an argument and answer a question in a set amount of words, so use them to determine approximately how long each section needs to be.

You will get far more done once you know your arguments

Outlining your key arguments in your mind before you put pen to paper is vitally important if you want to write a great essay. It will ensure you know what you’re talking about, and will mean that all you need to do will be to find the right words to get your points across.

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At the same time you should also check each of the facts, dates, and statistics that your argument is based on. In the era of fake news it’s all too easy to introduce an erroneous fact into your essay which will invalidate the whole piece. Check everything before you start writing and you’ll be just fine.

There’s no need to fixate on the deadline

Deadlines will get nearer and nearer, regardless of how you use your time. You’re not going to slow them down, and asking for an extension is very rarely a productive thing to do. Focus on getting the job done to the best of your ability, and budget enough time for each step of the writing process. If you stick to this approach, the submission will take care of itself.

Leave the group work for now, and sit and write

Group work is great when you want to discuss new approaches and points of view, but it’s nothing but a distraction when it’s time to write. If you want to discuss your arguments, do it long before you put pen to paper. That way you won’t get distracted by all your classmates when you should be focusing on finding the words to finish your essay.

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Drafting is a process, not a one hit wonder

Drafting essays doesn’t really mean writing numerous essays from scratch and seeing which one is the best. It’s an iterative process that all of the world’s great writers and authors use, so why don’t you follow their lead?

By reading your first draft back to yourself, you get the chance to critique it, improve it, and make the changes needed to secure a much higher grade. Keep going round this loop until you can improve it no more, and you’ll have a fantastic essay ready for submission.

There are always experts available to point you in the right direction

If you want to Get Academic Help then go direct to an expert. Asking to borrow a friend’s notes or copying what one of your classmates has written is never a good idea. Speak to someone who knows the subject and topic inside out, and your grade will be all the better for it.

Proofreading is important if you want a top grade

Proofreading is such a vital part of the writing process that it’s surprising how many students decide to skip it. Just because you’ve met the word count doesn’t mean that your essay is ready for submission. It only takes a few typos and the occasional grammatical error to drop your essay down a grade. And all because you didn’t spend half an hour going through it with a discerning eye.

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Backup your work so that there are no last minute hitches

Writing an essay on your laptop will be far easier than using a pen and paper, provided the technology doesn’t let you down. Eventually it will happen, and if not to you, then one of your classmates. Backing up regularly to cloud storage like DropBox is the best way to ensure that the fruits of your labor are nice and safe. You’ll breath a big sigh of relief if your laptop crashes the night before your deadline!

Be concise with your words, and avoid repetition

Being concise is the name of the game when it comes to essay writing. Avoid repeating yourself, and always use as few words as possible. It will give your writing a real weight and clarity that makes the examiner sit up and take notice.

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